Friday, February 14, 2014

am I or am'nt I

Is that a real word? amn't???? no I think it's a Robyn word but anyole who I just came to the conclusion that maybe just maybe besides being an addict buying art supplies I'm addicted to online classes!  I'm going to be taking another one with Kelly Berkey on Painting Portraits in Oils.. I just started to use oils about 6 months ago and I adore them.

well my point is that I just finished a class and made a pact with a friend name Jackie that we wouldn't buy anymore classes.. I'm the first to break the pact.. I just had to... Kelly's style is so beautiful and right in line with mine in a way... Here is the link to her blog..

so anywho after talking to her about the supplies for her class I decided not to wait awhile but to take it now.. and yup I did order the few supplies I needed.. am I guilty of being a classaholic? I think so but it could be worse ya know. I could be hanging on the street corners drinking and acting the fool.. Oh no more huh now that I'm in the wheelchair.. so what's a gal to do but take classes when she is obsessed with art.. When I was a professional dancer before my accident I had my dance and music and now I have art.  Yeah that's the ticket, now I don't feel so bad that I have to tell my hubby I spent more money!! GULP!!

anyways ya want to see my bird series in oils? Here they are.

and here is another gal for the 29 faces challenge

I do need a lot of help doing hair lately.. I think I'm between two styles and I don't really like it.

anyole ways again

Happy Valentines Day to all




  1. She looks great and love the coloured hair.

  2. Beautiful eyes and lips. Great job on her!

  3. Have been looking through your faces and love the softness of them. Great work!

  4. Now I've found your hangout I can stalk you! Great art missy!

  5. Robyn, love your birds. I worked in oil decades ago. Did a whole series of portraits. I'd have to learn all over again. Every medium is different. Doing portraits again and learning again. Great eyes on your girl too. Following you here now. Hope you'll follow on mine too.


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