Sunday, February 9, 2014

it's a Save!

omg I thought this was going to be a garbage dweller when I was at first painting her hair.. I tried at first to use brown watercolor crayons.. They looked sooooo washed out that I went to the black watercolor crayons and the same thing happened. She looked awful.. I didn't really want to break out the acrylics but I didn't really want to can her either.. I liked her, I didn't like her, I liked her... and over and over ye ole head went.. finally I grabbed some Mars Black Acrylic and threw it on.. not so good... I got out some gray paint and started to streak her hair. still not so good.. finally I did the wet on wet technique and got what you see here.. Not so great but it's a Save!! LOL  she didn't fall into the garbage can with all the cigarette butts for friends. ROFL!!

so that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

another Portrait finished for the 29 Faces blog.. wonder if I can keep this up..

Think I'll just do some Oil Painting for the rest of the evening.




  1. The dramas we go through to create a I think she has turned out beautifully Robyn. Annette x

  2. She looks great, including her hair, and her eyes are so expressive. Fab!

  3. She's beautiful even though she had a rough day at the Hair Shop. You might have liked using some blue in the hair as black hair can have a blue highlight (sheen) and undertones. (no, I am not a hairdresser)


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