Sunday, February 2, 2014

29 Faces and OMG Where have I been

It's been soooooo long since I blogged. Where have I been?? wow... I have been doing a lot of art.. Getting my nerves up for this show I'm in in Indianapolis come spring.. and just doing life..

I have learned so much the past few month.. One thing I learned is I suck at watercolors, I love working with oil paint and I still love love creating "My Gals"..  LOL

My hubby is doing really well and our marriage is on the right track again.. He is straight and sober and one year old into his sobriety from drugs. I'm still in a wheelchair when we go out.. That condition is getting worse but my artwork helps me break through the pain..

I still listen to good ole rock and roll and classical music and I still need to go on a diet and quit smoking.. as she puffs hard on a cigarette.. well I won't get on my soapbox on how they need rehab for smokers.. no I just won't..

well anywho it's time for 29 faces again and I hope to keep up with it.. I'm ahead of the game. I have two done.. well I took this fabulous class from Karen Milstein called Painting Faces.. check it out .. I found out about it on Facebook. Don't really know a link but her art is out of this world beautiful.. I also have taken other classes since I last blogged.. some good some not so good.. I'm addicted to art, addicted to art classes and addicted to supplies... boy am I powerless or what! LOL

okay here are the two portraits I created from Karen's class.

she uses a lot of Gesso when she works... Combining it with pastels , paints and watercolor crayons... and that's all I'll say because if you take her class you will learn a heck of a lot..

Gesso, well that's another subject.. eh Cindi????? ROFL!! 
(private joke)

These are not my usual style .. I love this style though and will be doing a lot more of them for awhile. 

My Etsy Shop is opened again. Yeah I paid the bill.. LOL

Since I'm blogging I might as well join the party over at

If you are interested in any painting and can't get to my shop give me a shout at

I do ship overseas

Thanks for coming by. I know it's been like forever.. I promise I will post more often.. I have to I'm in 29 faces.. LOL



  1. Great to see you back Robyn.....loving your two new faces for the challenge. Hugs Annette x

  2. Hi, your head start pieces look great! Especially the upper one is so whimsy and beautiful - love the lighting in it!

  3. Gorgeous Pieces Robyn... Can't Wait To See The Others.. :-)

  4. Robyn, what a beautiful pair of portraits! The top one is easily the same person as the second (adult) person. Wow! what talent!

  5. Hi Robyn, these are gorgeous portraits. Marlene

  6. both are gorgeous -- romantic faces - adorable!

  7. wow those faces are really something, glad you have joined in to show us. Hope you dont mind my saying but I have just started a class on watercolour with Gulfsprite, its amazing.. I too totally suck at watercolour and have learned so much in just one lesson.

  8. Hi Robyn,
    Luv the faces, they're gorgeous. I read about Karen on Tabitha's blog , I so want to take her class.
    Take care, keep art close at heart…helps with life's challenges.
    Annabelle xxx

  9. I love that you could do so much with a similar start! The faces look similar, yet so different from each other. Great start! Love it!

  10. These are wonderful. Very expressive. Well done.

  11. Gorgeous just amazing!! Love them both sooo much. I agree with Faye younger version of the adult!!

    Hugs Giggles


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