Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Challenge on our Challenge Blog , A Freebie and a Blog Hop - Whew!

Our Challenge this week is to make a Red, White and Blue card 

using one of my Images from 

Robyn's Fetish..

There is a Freebie image for you to use so get in on the Challenge!! woohooo
you can win a coupon for some Robyn's Fetish images..

I have posted the new releases and there already in the store!! 

I used the Primitive Bird House Image... Colored it with Prismacolor Pencils .. Yes Susan I'm doing my circles..! (NOT) ROFL

Remember everything over at the shop is 30% off until the 15th. of July!! Go get an image to play with if you don't want to use our Freebie..

The Operation Write Home Blog Hop will start today at 3:00 I will be posting more and hopping with them then!!

Guess who is going to a crop tonight.. Little ole me!! My regular scrap store is not having theirs because of the holiday so I thunked I should head on over to Archievers and see the gals over there.. I haven't been there in about a year.. When I called to make a reservation the gal remembered me.. why you ask.. well get this story..

Before I found "A little bit More" scrapbook store I used to go every Friday to Archivers.. well one Friday I packed up all my gear and went over.. I started to unpack with a roomful of gals and all of a sudden I see a dead mouse in one of my bags of scraps. OMG I was mortified.. not only was it dead it smelled terrible!!! It Stunk the place up!!!.. One old bitty started to whine and scream about the smell.. Some gals complained loudly and I felt like going under a table and never coming out again!! Well a sales gal over their had the sense to get some spray to get the odor out and I quite quickly removed the dead mouse out to the street where all dead mice belong.. I left early that night.. I wonder why!! The one old bitty that complained really loud is now on my list to hunt down and tickle to death.. I could say worse but someone might report me to the scrap police!! Not only did this happen but the same night I spilled my coffee on a gals work in progress.. OMG now you know why a year later I am going to stick my head in the door and see if the coast is clear.. Maybe that old bitty moved to Oshkosh or Bum X%$^ Egypt!! or hell!! ROFL.. Now it's soooo funny when I think about it... I told that story to the gals at A little bit More scrap store one night and we were rolling on the floor laughing so hard!! 

I have never been so embarrassed in my whole life!! and I have done some really stupid things in my lifetime!!
Yes, when I pack up today I will check and recheck my bags for meeces!! We don't have any at the new house but maybe the ghost of the dead mouse will revisit me!! LOL  I shudder at the thought!! omg what if it happens again.. the worst of it is I can't just up and leave. My DH (DUH HUBBY) takes me as I don't drive anymore.. I have to call him to pick me up early and it's a long drive.. I would have to sit and suffer in my embarrassment like I did the first time!! OHHHH NOOOO MR. BILL!!!! please if there is a God of meeces let them all stay home and play I don't want no mo tall tails, tales like that one!!! LOL

Have a wonderful holiday weekend if your here in the States if not just have a great weekend!! Anyone crafting this weekend?????

Hugs all


  1. Great card and a GREAT story! Hmmmm. I think that would make a wonderful image. I can see it now. An image of an open scrap totebag with a dead mouse in it and a sentiment saying, "All Scrapped OUT!" Hehehe!
    Get back to your CIRCLES! LOL!

  2. What a great card. I love the image.

    What a funny story. I would have been so embarrassed also.

  3. Cute story Robyn. I can't wait to hear how your crop went last night. I think your circles are working out really well for you. The coloring on this is nice.

    Happy Holiday.

  4. Hello Robyn, this hop is really exciting, Happy Birthday America. I'm off to Janette to continue with the tour. See ya! Hugs Teresa xxx

  5. Love the card and such a great story! I was smiling the whole time reading. :) Happy 4th of July!


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