Friday, July 16, 2010

Challenge at our Challenge Blog and guess who messed up again.. duh

Yup I messed up the challenge again at the Challenge Blog.. It's a great sketch Challenge but I didn't follow it too well.. I once again forgot the Sentiment and didn't follow the sketch at all. I swear my brain is fried without the air conditioners. Anywho here is the sketch and my poor poor card. ROFL  Head on over to the challenge blog I'm sure you will do better than me!! LOL
I think my Mojo took a left turn on the Freeway and missed the exit! ROFL I got one thing right I used a image from yours truly! me, me, me.. LOL


  1. You did great on the sketch Robyn! A sentiment is not always necessary on the card. :)

  2. I agree with Alicia. You did "good," boss! Hehehe! Yeah, I know that it is gramatically incorrect but I have to polish the apple a bit, right? Hehehe!
    Seriously though, you did a great job. BUT, I need to see MORE CONTRAST!!!

  3. Who ever said that you have to follow a sketch step by step, not me. I've always thought of them as starting points not finishing spots. I love this card and it is just perfect for the sketch.


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