Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Painting with Chalks

So I watched this Utube Video on painting with chalk. Well I decided to try my hand at it.. This is what I came up with.. This is my new digi Air Fairy.. It is at the shop now for sale at 30% off.. wooohooo! Blending with chalk is different than prisma color pencils. I like how her gown came out but I think her wings are a bit flat. I went over them too much with the brush.. yes you wet the chalk with the tip of your brush and spread it like paint. Once I applied too much chalk I didn't stop naturally and it became flat looking.. duh and duh again.. I like her hair though.. LOL
I didn't have a skin tone so I improvised with a very light pink and a lot of water.. 

It was fun for all.. me , myself and I!! ROFL

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