Friday, July 30, 2010

Challenge #15 at the challenge blog

I can't believe it's our 15th. challenge already! My does time fly by.. It was just Christmas and now we are going on August.. come on Fall.. It's cooler in my house finally.. The air conditioner guy put in the central air but it wasn't working right.. why you ask? cause the guy didn't put in enough freon!! duh! what do we have to hire an air conditioner guy after the air conditioner guy???? ROFL.. He came over yesterday and finally figured it out! That was after he made an adjustment and the air wouldn't come on anymore.. I almost kaplootzed!! He finally got it back on and then hit himself in the head and said duh it needs more Freon!! Well duh your the expert! So anywho the house has finally cooled down.. I still can't find my Mojo anywhere it left for Alaska I think! LOL

So anywho about the new challenge.. This week we are featuring Stamping Dragon Designs.. You are to make a card with any type of Fancy Fold. I made a Gate Fold or Tri fold card using two of Stamping Dragons Images.I also Paper Pieced the Blanket.. I didn't embellish it at all because it was so damn hot in my room when working that day I couldn't thunk anymore of what to do.. booo on me!! LOL

Head on over to the Challenge blog and see what our fabulous Design Team has created and get in on the challenge!!

Have fun Creating!!


  1. so very cute, love both images!!!

  2. The card is so cute that it doesn't need anything extra. I love the paper pieced blanket. I love this little guy.

  3. Cute card! I have to try the gate fold card design. :)



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