Monday, July 19, 2010

It's the glow you know...

I made a card using my Poppy Fairy and then I wanted to put a shadow around it. well I grabbed the wrong color and couldn't change it.. I was going to trash the card but when DH (Duh Hubby) saw it he love it and said  I made it look like it was glowing.. Yeah I did it on purpose I said.. NOT.. ROFL so anywho I'm entering it in the challenge over at Sketch Saturday Challenge blog..

Well everyone it's my first five minutes on the nicotine patch and I want a cigarette already.. Help!! LOL


  1. Robyn - I love the glow! Stay strong - you can do it.


  2. The glow is good! I like it. There are times when yellow works but we seem to have the habit of grabbing blue or gray pencils all the time. Great card. The contrast is getting better and you even paper pierced! Woo Hoo! You are on a roll!
    Do NOT SMOKE!!!! You NEED to do this. I just bought a NEW WHIP, so watch it! Hehehe!

  3. Serendipity at work at it's best. I love how this turned out. It does glow. I like the greens with the red paper.


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