Friday, February 25, 2011

Can you say Steampunk!

Steampunk is my newest fad!! I love creating using this Theme.. I'm in the process of doing a Steampunk swap for ATC cards and in the wee hours last night I created this tag.. It's for Jeanettes challenge over at Soartful.. Her theme is Hats.. When I saw this image from Graphic 45 and the hat she is wearing I just had to use it!!

I am quite pleased how this tag came out.. Did I ever say I love love creating Tags.. I feel so artsy doing them.. Getting paint and ink and glue all over me just makes me more creative!! I was in such a slump yesterday that I'm surprised I had any inspiration at all!!

Don't even talk to me about Copics.. I was told by the Copics company that our prices were too Low at OWSE and we were in violation of their terms.. Well how was I to know!! a nasty email told me that Notions our Distributor said so.. Well first off they didn't and second off I don't buy the Copics from them.. Why in the hell would I get ahold of the Copics Company trying to buy from them if I was doing something underhanded.. duh and duh again.. So I have one question ?? What is happening to our Free Enterprise System when companies can dictate what prices you are allowed to sell things at.. and then threaten you that you will never buy copics again if you don't change your price.. I'm sure they will read this. and another threat I got was they would be visiting my site often!! so who cares!! I'll tell you the Copics people are not the nicest people to deal with too bad their product is so good.. watch them stop me from buying copics now that I have posted this.. I wonder.. They will get a nice big Lawsuit about the freedom of Speech if they do!! I already spoke to my Attorney about posting about this on my own Personal Blog.. Go for it Mr. and Mrs Copics!!

and now to our regularly scheduled program!! Here is the tag I created using Jeanettes theme..

I embossed the tag and then glimmer misted it, then distressed with Distress Inks -" Walnut Stain"around the edges.. I took the flowers and used Twinkling waters to color them.. Love those Twinkling Waters.. I also Glimmer Misted on the Lace on top to give it different shades.. Added the gears which are by 7 Gypsies .. don't you love the little washers on the flowers.. tooo cute!! They are another one of Timmy's products.. Do I dare say we sell all these products at OWSE.. If I do I'm leading you to my shop and then you can see the Copic Prices have changed but ohhhh I have wrote something bad about the Copics company... Big careful Big Brother is Watching!!

oh yeah the tag!

I'm also entering this in the

Studio L3 Challenge

We are doing Alcohol Inks this week..
From the book Compendium of Curiosities by none other then Tim Holtz..
I adore Timmy!!
I used them on my staples but it's so hard to tell.. I wasn't going to enter this tag in the challenge but ohh what the hell!! I'm in that kind of mood!!

Have a wonderful day you all and watch what you say or do you might be taken in

by you know who is watching!!

Who's paranoid, I'm not paranoid!!


  1. Oh man, I love this tag that stamp is awsome and with the gears. LOVE, LOVE it.....

  2. Oh Robyn this is just great!!!! And I have something for you on my blog, pop over for a visit when you have a chance! thankies :)

  3. This tag is gorgeous. Beautiful job. You go girl.

  4. Looks great! I love all you did on the background, especially.

  5. I love what you are doing with Steampunk. Fabulous image. Thanks for being Soartful this week.


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