Monday, October 1, 2012

Old Friends

You know it's so weird how they say when one door closes another opens. I have felt for awhile now that I lost a good friend. I don't know why really but she is not in my life now like she was. Life happens for all of us. I have had a lot going on in mine lately. Between my health and some monetary problems and problems with my hubby. I might have been a real bummer lately to be around. I thought though that if your a good friend that means in the good and bad times. I'm not so sure now. Anyways that door to friendship seems to be closing for me but another is opening. Years ago I had a friend that we were like an old married couple. Besides no sex of coarse. We went everywhere together. Like Frick and Frack and Mutt and Jeff. We partied a lot and stood by each other through everything. Until.. 

Until her Daughter died from a drug overdose and I had my motorcycle accident. She had her burdens to carry and I lost it emotionally. Long long story. I couldn't work anymore, lived 50 miles from no where and went from having money to being poorer then poor.. I finally left the State. No I ran away from from this State. I left all of my belongings and said goodbye to no one as I felt there was no one to say goodbye to.After living their for 30 years.  

Now it's 13 years later and this gal finds me on Facebook  Did I want to be friends with her? I wasn't sure . it took a long time to hit that friends button. Once I did all the good and bad memories came flooding back in for me. The Loneliness I felt just before I left plus the good times we had had too.  To make a longer story short we have started to email each other. We seem to be tip toeing around each other. Making our emails light and airy. She in the years that have gone by has lost another child to a drunk motorist . My heart is opening up again to her. But do I want it to? Do I want to open myself up for another hurt. I have problems at home that I would love to talk to a good friend and have them understand  I would love to reach out to her and let all my tears flow and have her reach out to me. I am scared though. I just lost a friend by revealing too much of my home life. I don't know what to do but I sure could use a good friend. Well we will see if that old story is true about one door closing and another opening. 

I did this Journal Spread because it's my favorite time of year and also because the last time we partied this friend of mine dressed as a Witch for a Halloween Party we were going to. She has Bright Red Hair and was always beautiful to me. I guess I did this whimsy portrait with her in mind. It took me almost a week to do because my Sciatica has acted up again. But I was determined to get it done. Will I even show it her. I doubt it. It just was a fun thing to do remembering the time we had and letting these old memories come back to me. I had intentionally blocked almost all memories of the times I used to have. My life restarted 13 years ago. The old was dead to me. I guess it resurrected for a little bit.

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  1. Your paintings are awesome... You always do great work and I love seeing what you create.

    Who is your Friend you just lost? Maybe she has alot going on too. And hides from the fact of putting more stress on her Friend does not help her?

  2. Love your red haired witch (and her amazing background).


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