Saturday, October 6, 2012

Purple Joanie

Years ago back in Tucson there was a gal name of Purple Joanie. Everything she wore had purple.. From her earrings to her shoes.. LOL   I've been going back down memory lane lately with a long lost BFF... She reminded me of this gal and when I was creating this painting I just had to honor Purple Joanie. ROFL!!

The substrate I used was Canvas board . I used Acrylics, Watercolor Crayons and Watercolor Pencils. Lately I have been using my watercolor pencils a lot. I want to get some more and
am not sure which brand to buy.
What I have was a gift to me and I don't have that many.
Anyone have an opinion on which watercolor pencils are the best
to get.

I was thinking of the Prisma Color Watercolor pencils but someone said they 
didn't like them.

Confused in Indiana! LOL

I would love to hear from you guys in a comment which 
watercolor pencils you like the best...

I use them primarily for shading and portrait work.

I do have a small set of inktense pencils but use those  mostly
in my Art Journals.

I'm joining the party over at Paint Party Friday this week. Head on over there to see some fabulous 

Thanks for stopping by..

Robyninski the 927th.! LOL


  1. I wish I could help regarding wc pencils. I hope you get the answer you need. I think your artwork is fabulous.. maybe you have found what you need already. Happy PPF

  2. Really very attractive! I do not know about it much about the painting, but I find that your work is fabulous. Bravo.

  3. She is beautiful, love her clear blue eyes and dreamy, gentle expression! HPPF!

  4. Hey now don't be laughing at us purple people!!! lol....She is so beautiful a dreamy face and LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair!! Great job!! I could be like Purple Joanie when many of the rooms in my home were painted a different shade of purple for a while...all is changed but my eggplant bedroom...which is on the agenda for a revamp!! Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Wow....Robyn, this is so fabulous! Love your drawing and the delightful colors.... :)

  6. I like Purple Joanie...she's got me wondering if I could pull off that hair color.

  7. Oh she looks her large starry eyes!


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