Sunday, October 21, 2012

I've been busy

About a month ago I had what I thought was a Sciatica Attack and took to bed for the most part in excruciating pain. I'd come up to my studio and work a little bit but couldn't sit for long periods of time. I tried sitting on a pillow but after awhile the pain was unbearable. so anywho it's not really sciatica . It's the nerves alright but it's not going to go away much. I expected after about a week if it really was a sciatica attack to just go as it came... but nooooo this is the condition I'm going to have to live with now. The doctors finally gave me some anti inflammatories to take with my pain meds. Boy is that helping.. but it's just not going away.. I'll take any relief though.. These pills are giving me insomnia so I'm up all night in my studio working away. I usually did this but now instead of 2 in the morning I'm in there by midnight. Oh well, sleep is over rated anywho. 

So to make a long story longer I'm going to be getting a wheelchair for when I go out of the house. In the house I can manage because I don't stand up for long periods of time. but if I want to go over to Wally World or Michaels I need the chair... Years ago the doctors told me I'd be back in a chair. I got out of one after my accident. I got mad one day and called a Physical Therapist and had him teach me how to walk again. well years later here we go again. The doctors were right I guess. I didn't really believe it but now it's a reality. I can adjust I guess. Worse things could happen right? I have my health for the most part so I'm doing good at my age.. Yuck I turned 61 last week.

Well anywho again the point I'm trying to make is now that I had some relief from pain I've been up in my studio working away like a mad women.. Figuring the pain is going to come back bad so take advantage of the lull while I can. LOL.. I'm creating Gal after Gal and Art Journaling. I even did a Halloween Card. I want to scrapbook also to finish off an album for my Nephew...

so anyways here is what I have been working on. Whew, what a long post!! My fingers ache from typing so fast. LMAO! whine whine

This top piece is the one that was Commissioned and it's sold.... Her name is Steampunk Annie.

I just Finished this piece. I added the Romi Quote.. I just discovered Romi and I love the quotes. It's a he isn't it?? 
Yeah I'm a late bloomer.. LOL

This piece looks a lot better in person. why? cause my camera sucks!

This third piece I finished Friday Night.. I had done the background first and didn't like it.. It was going to go into the garbage can.. Like a lot of my work does.. well not really well anyways I did this gal and it went so well with this background I 
cut her out of my Journal and put her onto this..
voila! I like it now..

Both of these pieces are for Sale in my 

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Hey!! Thanks for listening to me rant

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  1. So sorry to hear about your pain. Hope it will stay bearable. Your girls look beautiful!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your nerve pain, I suffer a lot with sciatica type pain, and I have damaged nerves so I know some of what you are going through.

    I love that third piece, glad you didn't bin it.

    Cazzy x


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