Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Contest and my Etsy Shop!!

My Etsy Shop is now open! 

 I'm selling my Original Whimsical Gals, Collages and Clayboard Pieces. 

I'll also be selling prints of my Whimsical Gals real soon. I need to investigate which paper to use when printing them out. I want to get the best paper available so they will be archival safe and print out really well. If anyone knows please let me know. I also hope to invest in a Laser Printer soon.

anywho I'm going to have a Contest.. 
because I'm in a good mood for a change and really excited to be selling my work. 

Okay to get into this contest you have to do three things..

1. Head on over to my Etsy Shop and click "Like" for your facebook pages.. 
(look to the right top , underneath the banner and you will see where to click "Like")

2. Become a Follower of my blog

3. Leave a Comment that you have done the above..

(If you don't have a Facebook Page then just mention my shop
on your blog)

Dat's all you have to do to be able to win a really Great Prize from

and if you like Digital Stamps

you will receive three of my new Releases 


Plus the Prize that I will snail mail to you.

On Halloween, the 31st. of October I will 

Randomly Choose a Winner ..

So get your Clicking finger read to click "Like"
Become a Follower
and Leave a Comment..

woohooo now what great prize should I give to one lucky person??

I'll never tell! LOL

Thanks all for your support!!

Robyninski the 928th. (LOL)


  1. Happy Birthday Robyn! I have liked your page on Facebook and am already a follower of the blog! Great job setting up your Etsy shop. Best of luck with it. I hope to get one up one of these days too.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    I'm so glad you're having a good day. I pray you will have MANY more!
    I'm in for the giveaway! I love surprises!

  3. Happy Birthday Robyn! I hope it is everything you hope it will and more! Congrats on the site...looks nice...makes me want to get myself in gear and finish my blog!

  4. Happy Birthday, Robyn!! Lots of health and happiness for many, many years!!!
    Congrats on opening an Etsy store, so exciting!! Also I'm very happy to be a part of Blog Hop! Can't wait to see ALL the new images!

  5. I have become a follower of your blog and I have liked your etsy shop! Great job! love your ladies!

  6. Congratulations on the Etsy shop Robyn! Love the artwork and have "Liked" it and become a follower of your blog. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday as well. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!!

  7. A very Happy Natal Anniversary to you!!!
    Congrat's on your new etsy shop!!!!

  8. Congratulations Robyn...I've followed , liked and commented! LOL!

  9. Robyn, love your new shop, hope you have a great Birthday....I know the feeling I hit the big 62 last month! my body feels it but my brain is still in my thirty's.. Thanks for the great chance to win!

  10. huge congrats on your etsy shop !!! May it bring you lots of well deserved success
    big hugs xoxo

  11. Congrats on your etsy shop! I hope you have great success. Liked & already a follower.

  12. congratulations on the etsy shop
    Debbi x

  13. Followed, Liked & Commented!! :o)

  14. Congratulations on the Etsy shop, have liked on facebook, and I already follow of course!

    Cazzy x


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