Monday, September 24, 2012

New Faces

I'm taking a workshop from Mika over at Motley Souls . It's called Painted Ladies ATC Book .. We are painting some Faces of Ladies and then creating a book to put them in. Mika is working ATC size. I had a problem working that small so she said to make it 5x7.. That I could do. LOL

Here are two of the Faces I have completed. I need to find the book I'm going to use and create some backgrounds.

This bottom one is suppose to be 5x7 but good ole me can't do measurements even
with a ruler!! I swear I made it 5x7 !! But when I cut it out from the paper I used it was not that size at
all!! ROFLMAO!!

If you want to learn how to draw front face and 3/4 portraits come join us
over at Motley Souls.
Mika is a fabulous teacher and you will be drawing in no time flat!!

This workshop will teach you both plus you'll have this project to do creating the book.

That's a lot for one workshop!

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Lovely faces! Sorry to hear about your legs! Hope you'll feel better ♥


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