Monday, September 3, 2012

29 Faces

It's Started again over at Ayala Art Blog.. The Challenge to create 29 Faces in 30 Days. Last time I didn't make it. I don't remember how many I created but it wasn't the right amount. Life just got in the way. booooo

I'm going to try hard this time to at least have my face sketched as your allowed partial projects. 

My Hubby is going into the Hospital on Wednesday for about 2 weeks so I should have plenty of time to create. No excuse there. LOL  I want to stay busy busy as it's the first time in 13 years we have not been together. It's kind of scary.. I was single for many years but have totally forgotten what it's like to be on my own. I guess I will find out.. Just keep the bogyman away!! LMAO!!

Here is my first.. As always I used Neo Color Crayons and Acrylics on her.. I've been trying to go all Acrylics on some of my pieces. Learning how to Blend and Shade with them.. Art is my passion. I might not be the best but I bet I'm one of the most enthusiastic!! ROFL!! I'm consumed by making art, looking at art, eating art and breathing art.. If I was wealthy I would take any and all workshops I could to pick these fabulous artists brains and learn learn learn!! At 60 years old I'm a very late bloomer. but hey we all got to start somewhere. LOL

enough Rambling here is my first face for 29 Faces of September..

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  1. Great start, Lovely face and background. Shes pretty in pink!

  2. Oh she is lovely and we are never too old for art :)


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