Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home Home on the Range

wooohoo my Hubby is home from the hospital!! I feel whole again and ready to create.. It was so hard to get any inspiration while he was gone. boy did I do enough whining or what? LOL

I'm back to working on 29 Faces for September. Here is a Journal Spread I did the other night while feeling good and sorry for myself. Now that my hubby is home safe and sound I feel so silly that it effected me so much. When I did paint it was so therapeutic to go into that Art Zone and zone out for a little bit. 

I noticed I'm grabbing the blue paint a lot.. I wonder what that means? I'm not a blue lover but lately when I painting I think blue.. LOL

Just a phase I guess.

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by


  1. love her, very serene. and glad your hubby is back home!

  2. Love the blue, I like how she is looking up

  3. we ALL need our time to whine, vent and release stress! Don't beat yourself up! There was what you needed at that time and it helped you go thru the days. ♥

    She is beautiful!!! I love the flowing hair.
    I am also on a blue-phase kind of thing. Very different of what I usually go for, which I LOVE! Means good change is in the air ;)

  4. congratulations on your hubby being home and fine.
    your face is lovely. I enjoy seeing the colors you used for shading and her lovely hair.


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