Thursday, September 6, 2012

Behind Already

I'm behind already in the 29 Faces Challenge. My hubby went into the hospital and I've been walking the hallway not knowing what to do with myself. I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything. and like wow he is only gone one day! Can you imagine in a week from now!! ROFL!! I guess I'm acting this way because we haven't been apart in 13 years. I was single for many years before that so why can't I get into my single mode and just do what I want when I want and deal with it. Because I'm a spoiled brat!! That's why! I'm so used to him doing for me.. I'm like dependent on him totally! OMG does that mean I'm a codependent or something like that??? LOL  I just like having him around that's all.. plus now I have to deal with the 9 fur babies all by myself. Geez am I whining or what! LOL

anywho here is my second face for the 29 Faces of September.. 

Would you believe the Background is Pink!! That lousy of camera of mine has
washed it out again.. I tried to edit it in Paint Shop Pro but couldn't bring that pink out.

oh well! LOL

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by..


  1. She's really pretty! I'm behind too so you take comfort you're not the only one.

    Have you tried adjusting your camera's white balance? It makes a huge difference in colors when taking photos. It should tell you how to do it in the instruction manual or just google how to adjust white balance and your camera model.

  2. She has a beautiful trusting expression and the overall look is wonderful, luminous and pretty!
    Poor you, no wonder, if you have trouble concentrating! Hope your husband is ok and back soon!


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