Thursday, January 31, 2013

Watercolor Wyanne's Way

I'm taking this Fabulous Workshop called Watercolor Wyanne's Way.... As the title says it's all about Watercolors. When I started the workshop all I knew about watercolors was that I use my Neo Color II crayons on my Whimsy Gals. I did not know anything about the right applications for watercolors at all! In the past two weeks I have learned soooo much!! and we have four more weeks to go!!

Here are two of the pieces I have done in the classes..

These pieces were to demonstrate the wet on wet technique.. I just love this technique.. it's so free and flowy!

On this second piece I tried painting trees and a deer. This was a first for me as I hadn't ever painted either of these before.. I had never even drawn them.. Wyanne is so free and fun in the class she just makes you want to try anything!! LOL

I think my Deer blends into the background a bit too much.. I have asked her how to correct this and am waiting for her critique.

I think I have found another new addiction!! I love love watercolors now. LOL

I'm joining "Create every day"

head on over there to see some fabulous artwork.

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  1. Loving your watercolours Robyn, I so understand being scared of trying something new but you succeeded brilliantly. x


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