Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art Prints are Finally Here!!

Well Finally I'm going to be selling Prints of my Artwork. 

Not only Prints but Coffee Mugs, Mousepads and Note Cards also!!

I'm so excited about this!! Pick any of my Artwork you choose and I will make a print for you.. Same with the Coffee Mugs, Mousepads or Note Cards.

With the Note Cards you also get envelopes and they come 10 to a pack!! Whew am I going to be busy or what! LOL

With my prints I'm using High Quality Kodak Paper (Satin). The Standard Size is 8x10 but you can special order in a size of your choice. A small border will be on the print for matting purposes. 

The Mousepads are just too Cool!! 

You Asked for it and I went up and above!! LOL

Check out my Etsy Shop for prices..


  1. Oh wow, Robyn, this is fantastic! i already want a coffee the one you show! LOL And I do need a new mouse pad. Hmmmm, i wonder if my hubby would consider coffee mugs and mouse pads as part of my crafting allowance? LOL My best to you, Robyn. You have so much talent, you surely ROCK!


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