Thursday, January 24, 2013

Carving Stamps

I took the workshop by Julie Balzer on Carving Stamps and totally loved it! I had so much fun doing them and found it very relaxing.. You go into that Art Zone while you carve where your in your own world and I sure do need that right now...

Here is one of the stamps that I carved. I think this one is my favorite..

We were taught how to create an alphabet, words and pictures. So she ran the whole gamut of stamp carving in this workshop. I highly recommend it if your thinking of doing your own stamps.. I had googled how to carve stamps before I started the class and she goes way beyond what's on You Tube about stamp carving... Also the price for the workshop is not a killer!! LOL

I'm linking to "Create Every Day".. Head on over there to see some fabulous work.

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  1. Robyn, this is fabulous! I need to get back and finish that course.

  2. fantastic!
    Hope to see you this year once on our monthly challenge
    xxx from Austria


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