Friday, January 4, 2013

On Working Small

I have always had such a hard time working on small pieces. I've tried painting on ATC cards which are 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 and always have a really hard time. The bigger the substrate the easier it is for me.. I wanted to enter into this Swap at this Yahoo Group I'm in called Altered Design. The swap is to create an Angel or Devil on a Tag which is about 3x6 inches.. Bigger then than the ATC card but still pretty small.. Well I think I finally accomplished it! LOL   I really took my time sketching so small and then painting my Angel with a very small Filbert Brush and Liner Brush.. This piece took a lot of time to do as I wanted to be very careful. I found drawing her lips the hardest. I must of erased about 20 times until I sort of liked what I had. LOL

Anywho I finally finished it like 6 hours later.. Well there were interruptions, like the dogs wanting out like a million times. The telephone ringing and that thing called taking time out to eat.. What a pain! ROFL!! When I start to paint I get so into it I hate to stop.. That is why I usually work in the wee hours but my family is onto me and their getting up with me lately.. I want to scream "Go To Bed NOW" but I hold my tongue.. well most of the time. LOL

I really enjoyed working on a Tag.. Creating the Background then adding my angel.. I might do some more of these for sure!!

I used Watercolor Crayons, Watercolor Pencils, Acrylics, inks, and Perfect Pearls. Perfect Pearls is a paint like substance that when you apply it it comes out like little pearls. I used this on her wings. 

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week and oh by the way I'm the Featured Artist this week. OMG I feel so shy about it! When I did the interview I was so big and brave but now it's published I'm like feeling so tiny and shy. Like a little kid wanting everyone's approval! LOL.. I don't know why but that's the feeling I'm getting... Weird huh? 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. 

Robyninski the 785th. ( LOL)


  1. She's very beautiful Robyn and fabulous for such a small project. You rocked this one !!!
    Love your interview on PPF too - fantastic and you really should believe in yourself Girlfriend !! :-D
    Mega Hugz
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. congratulations Robyn on a wonderful and inspiring interview. Loving your gorgeous tag with its great words. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. congrats on a wonderful interview... I really enjoyed finding out more about you and loved the style of your writing... have a great creative week...xx

  4. Beautiful tag and congrats on being PPF Artist of the Week, wonderful interview and I loved getting to know more about you and your art! Happy PPF!

  5. Congratulations on your feature Robin - your work is stunning.

  6. Beautiful work! I have a hard time working that small, too! You can be a lot freer in bigger pieces. Great interview this week!

  7. Robin, I love your lovely whimsical portraits. My problem is what to do with all the multitudes of ATCs I now own after being involved in swaps. Anyone want them??? You have to find your own niche.

  8. Wonderful work!
    And I really enjoyed your interview and learning more about you and your art! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. I think she's beautiful. Your interview was really great, you should still feel big and brave.

  10. Lovely tag, I too have problems with small, so well done. Loved your interview.

  11. Your featured artist post was truly inspirational. Wonderful art! You go girl!!

  12. grewat to read about you ! Fabulous tag this!

    Happy weekend !

  13. I had a big smile as I read your interview on ppf :))) yes art is such a powerful thing to do in life!!...I love your sweet tag, but I could never paint on such a small thing I guess! it looks so yummy and detailed :) Happy new Year from Conny

  14. I just read your feature on PPF. It was very inspiring. Art is such a life saver for all of us, I'm so appreciative that I found art in my life as well.

    Your girls are lovely. I really like the way you make the large eyes and such lively backgrounds. I agree with you that making art on such small things is very difficult. I recently made some tags and it was very challenging to me as well. You make it look easy. Beautiful tag!

    I wish you continued success in your art.


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