Saturday, January 19, 2013

Painting Cindi Style

Wow it's been awhile since I blogged. I've been having a rough time since I had to make my husband leave the house. I go through periods of being fine and then I start to feel nice and sorry for myself. My good friend Cindi set me straight the other day..  I really appreciated her honesty and not coddling me. Sometimes you just need to hear some good ole honest reality!! Ya know?

anywho on Friday nights Cindi comes to the house to give me art lessons on her style of painting. I'm so enjoying this. Ya know I forget what it's called. It's not One Stroke but similar I think. Duh! LOL  Cindi if you read this post leave me a comment on what the name of your style painting is. ROFL!!

Anywho again here is my second painting. I am amazed at how realistic the fruit looks. It all about these techniques on achieving that. A lot goes into it. I'm learning how to mix my paints,how to load my brush for different looks,  how to handle my brushes,  brush strokes and soooo much more!  I am having a ball!! Each week we do a different picture and we review what is learned and learn a new technique. She paints a long with me and compared to her painting mine isn't so good but I'm giving myself kudo's for it being my second attempt at this.

I think the apple on the right looks like a persimmon (lol) but all in all I like it! The daisies I didn't like from the get go but they looked better as we started to finish the picture.

Cindi has been my rock with what I am going through with my husband. It is so comforting to have a friend I can go to that listens, doesn't baby me and cares. Years ago after my accident I had tons of friends.. or so I thought. Little by little each one left me. I couldn't be the person I had been anymore. I wasn't the good time Robyn who danced on the tables... I went through hell then and there was not a soul to support me. I had made my mind up then never to get close to any woman again. To keep them at arms distance. Not to let them every see me vulnerable or needy. I have lived like this for the last 18 years since my accident. No one really every penetrated my armor and I made sure of that. I was not going to get hurt like that again. Well this little gal has my heart now. I trust her totally. Little by little our friendship has grown. Then when I had to do what I did she was so totally there for me. I tell you the truth at first I didn't trust it. Why would someone put themselves out for me right now when I have nothing to give back. I guess I have learned a good lesson on friendship and what a good friend is. I needed that. The feelings of having a good friend is back with me again. I missed it and never realized it. Oh sure I have had friends the last 18 years but it seems in time everyone leaves.I made sure not to count on anyone.. I just never allowed myself to get hurt. I don't know what will become of our friendship. But in my heart I hope it last for many years to come. and if I do get hurt in the end well it was a good lesson learned. Thank you Cindi for opening up my heart again. I will always be there for youl

now back to our regularly stationed program. LOL

Here are my Apples and Pear.

I am so looking forward to next Friday to learn some more. Oh yeah and I promised to practice my brush strokes during the week. Girl Scouts Honor! LOL

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week. Head on over there to see some fantastic Artwork..

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  1. Am sorry you are going through a rough time Robyn but having your art must make a great difference in your life. Loving your painting. Have fun with your new style. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Your painting is wonderful, the glow of the colors is so rich. Love it! Happy PPF!

  3. Oh my goodness, that's brilliant! I'm having a difficult start with painting again after the christmas holidays. I know it's nearly a month ago but hey. ;)
    Jess x

  4. Beautiful painting, luscious and vibrant! Great that you are finding comfort and enjoyment in art and creativity in a difficult time of your life... And great that you have a good friendship! :) HPPF!

  5. Robyn, your fruit painting by whatever method is fantastic, especially the pear. Wow! You are so talented. I wish I could make fruit that looked like something edible.

    I'm sorry that your friends from 18 years ago proved to be fair weather friends. How wonderful of Cindi to stand by you! I have never known mass desertion but I have had a few friends drop by the wayside along the road of life. Most of my friends come from church and are solidly loyal, even when I goof up. My best friend is my dh of 55 years who loves me deeply, doesn't always agree with me, and hardly ever says anything about my art, but he's loyal beyond belief. Marriage hasn't been a 50-50 proposition but it has been a 100%-100%. Best wishes to you.

  6. Sorry to hear you're going thru a bad time, and have been so hurt by others that it kept you from trusting-but no longer-good for you and grateful for people like your friend Cindi to restore your faith. It can only get better now. Beautiful painting! Keep it up and enjoy!Happy PPF

  7. Life is full of rough times - hopefully good ones as well. So sorry to hear about difficulties at home - but glad to hear you have a friend to trust. Your painting is lovely and I think it's particularly good for only a 2nd attempt. Art is hard work - just like relationships - both are worth it.

  8. Oh Robyn your painting is too beautiful for am so impressed!!! So happy you found a like minded woman to befriend. I love my few friends I've had for years but understand your fear. Let go and let love!! I know it's tough during the separation process...but I Promise you, it WILL get better!!!

    Take it from someone who knows!!
    Hugs Giggles

  9. beautiful job on the painting Robyn. And so good that you have such a wonderful friend in Cindi. That is a REAL friend - the one that IS there when things are not going well and supports you and helps you through it all.

  10. Oh my goodness, Robyn...I am blushing fiercely. Truly, I'm just doing what comes naturally, being a friend, a real friend. Thanks you for opening your heart to me, I am honored to deserve that trust.
    You are a quick study and a dedicated student. These first lessons are baby steps and soon you will be painting things you never thought possible. The curriculum I teach is put together by some of the best teachers in the world of art. My style is called Decorative Painting, a more dated name for it would be Tole Painting. In decorative painting we teach skills and education of the core principles of art and design, and color. We teach you to crawl and walk on the foundations of art, then you can go fly your own path in any direction you choose.
    I do teach online lessons, please contact me if you are interested.


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