Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Cover of my finished Journal

Well it's about 6 months later since I bought my Strathmore Journal and I'm all done with it.. I got a mixture of all types and sizes of Whimsy Gals... In my Journals I try out new techniques and color combos, mediums's. Just about anything. Then if I like it I might take it to Canvas or Mixed Media Boards. I love love working in my Journals. I feel so free!! I'm still afraid of making mistakes but not as much as when I'm working on a piece I might sell. Tell me why is that when some of my mistakes have become techniques I use. LOL  I think we're all guilty of the "I'm afraid I'm going to screw this up" syndrome! LOL  

so anywho I hadn't done the cover on this Journal yet and now I was all done with it.. I thunked to myself , I said "Hey Robyn you haven't done a She Art gal is awhile" so here she is.. I like the little page boy hair I gave her. My older sister Barbara used to wear her hair that way way back when! LOL  She's passed now but I will never forget how I wanted her hair style. but my hair was soooo curly I never could get it that way. She had my dad's hair and I my mother. Thin and real curly. booo on my hair! To this day it's still as curly.. LOL

so anywho again here is my cover..Don't ya just love that I gave her backwards ballet slippers. wooops! LOL

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by..

Robyninski the 93287th. (LOL)

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