Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Camera, New Journal

Well Santa was sure listening to me this year! Besides getting a new camera and a new journal I got just about every color of the Neo Color Crayons, some Acrylic Inks, Water soluble oil pastels, mixed media paper, and a lot more supplies!! Santa went to my Dick Blick Cart and paid for everything I had in their!! Wooohooo!! Way to go Santa!!

I'm trying to get used to my new camera. It's a Nikon Coolpix.. You know that one that flooded the TV with advertising with that cute guy taking pictures of everything and everyone! LOL  Sometimes it's blurry and other times on the same setting it's not.. but it sure takes less faded looking pictures then my old one! I guess you won't hear me whining about that in the New Year. LOL

I got actually three new Strathmore Journals.. Two little one's and one bigger one.. I worked in the larger one today.. I love the Strathmore Paper that's in their Journals.. It's the mixed media Vellum..  It takes so much water and wet mediums and doesn't hardly curl. 

Here is my front page to the new journal

and this one is on a Mixed Media Board also by Strathmore.. Santa gave me some of these also.. 8x10's

Doesn't she look a little blurry in the face?

I don't know what settings to put on.. Does anyone have this camera and know how to work it real good?

Help pallleeese!!

I also got a Stamp Carving Kit.. I want to take the workshop by Julie Balzer that she offers on 
Stamp Carving... 

Just need to get some more supplies.... Oh twist my arm to buy supplies! LMAO!!

It's almost 2013!!

It's going to be a better year for everyone! It just has to be!!

Hey thanks for stopping by!

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