Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crazy Love

Crazy Love is the title of this Gal I just finished. Boy does that Name fit what I'm going through at home. I found this paper in my stash and just had to use it for her dress for sure!! There are so many layers on this gal. I always start out Collaging papers which I love the patterns on. I end up with so many layers I never see these beautiful patterns. LOL  I keep telling myself to stop and let the paper show threw but I keep going and going and before you know it the paper is all gone! ROFL! Maybe next time.This time what happened is I didn't like some layers and tried to hide them so before I knew it the paper was gone once again! Oh well!

I'm in this workshop called Inspired by Love by the wonderful artist Susana Traveres. She showed us how to use Oil Pastels when painting a face. My Oil Pastels are made by Faber Castell and I don't think they are the best quality. Susana recommends the one's made by Care d'Ache called Neo Pastels. I looked in Dick Blick and boy are they expensive. But of coarse I'm going to have to buy some now. LOL  maybe one or two. ROFL! 

anywho here is the gal I created in this workshop.

I hardly ever do eyelashes and I can sure tell why. I just can't do them good and they come out looking like a clown. I start out okay but once again I don't know when to stop and I have to even off each side and before you know it there too long, too fat and just not what I want. oh well again! LOL

Hey!! Thanks for stopping..

Robyninski the 927th.


  1. Love this Robyn! Oil pastels may be your medium??? Face is just lovely. Sande


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