Sunday, December 30, 2012

An Angel

I wrote this Poem I put in my Journal to my Husband. He is grieving so bad for his Dad.

The Poem says

"An Angel came today and took your Dad Away

He will always be in your heart
so don't cry my love,

But if you do
I will be there to wipe the tears from you"

The Artwork needs some contrasting colors but I was so spent today emotionally that I was exhausted and just finished it and took the picture. 

It's the process not the finished product.. and I felt a bit better later on for getting this out of me. 

I added  this Journal spread to a Challenge Blog called Art - Journal Journey .. It's so uncanny that their challenge was 

about Angels and how I just happened to find this blog surfing around.

I do believe in Angels. That they watch over us and try to guide us and keep us out of Harms way. 

I hope that my husband's Angel is with him now. Helping him through this grief and guilt he is feeling..
It is breaking my heart seeing him like this. I feel so unable to help him. I guess all I can do is be there.

Head on over to this Challenge Blog to view some beautiful Angels.

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  1. so very beautiful! Thank you so much for this beautiful entry for
    Happy New Year!


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