Sunday, June 24, 2012

Workshop over at Motley Soul

Im taking this workshop over at Motley Soul.. But the question is who paid for it? Did I win something and no one told me? Do I have a guardian angel who bought me this workshop? I got an invitation to it. Clicked on it and there I was!! Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I got into and enjoyed it very much. It's called Face 2 face Drawing Workshop.. 

This is one of my finished pieces. She taught a lot about Value.. The difference of Light and Dark.. Using different colors on the face she illustrated "Value" in this lesson.. 

I just love how this came out.. I really can see the shading and it helped me a lot .. I have been struggling
with blending and shading and hopefully when I go onto a piece that just has a one color shade or maybe even two I can apply this lesson to it.

I used Pan Watercolors on this piece to begin with
then finished off with Prisma Color Pencils 

and even a little bit of Pastels..

First time I ever used Pastels and loved it.

uh oh I feel a search for a workshop on using
Pastels coming on.. LOL

If you are my Guardian Angel and have bought this workshop for me please come forward
and let me know so I can Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!!! LMAO!!

will I ever know?

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Robyn, love this piece and how wonderfully the colors blend together!

  2. Outstanding work on the face, Robyn! Value is something I've been talking to you about for a year now! It's amazing what a difference it makes!

  3. I'm new @ OWSE & was checking out your blog. You do some really interesting art. Love all the textures & colors. Great job!


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