Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mixed Media Collage

I got this book, well Michele bought it for me and I'm Loving it.. The title of the book is "Flavor for Mixed Media" by Mary Beth Shaw..... as the title states it deals with mixed media but mostly she goes into using different textures. It is sooooo cool all the textures she uses. So now my wish list has grown much bigger with all the mediums I want , need and have to have! LOL For instance she uses this medium called wood shavings and another is called Tar Medium.. I can't wait to get these and give them a go!

In the meantime I used paint, stamping and collaging on this piece.. Instead of using ink on some of my stamps I used acrylic paint.. wow does it give the piece texture! I had sooo much fun creating this piece. The substrate is medium weight chipboard. 

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. great collage piece! Absolutely LOVE the colors!

  2. Love this, Robyn...especially your colors and their placements!

  3. love how you did this, that cheerful canvass should chase those nasty blues away hugs girl


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