Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Journaling Time

I haven't been Journaling as much as I would like to. I used to do my Art Journal every day but lately because of my health I've been slacking off on everything I love to do... I had a bad reaction to some Antidepressants the doctor gave me and have going through a lot of chit! Like a bad case of the extreme crankies every five minutes whether I like it or not.. also extreme depression much more then I have ever felt. All caused by the pills the doctor pushed as being really good for me! Well as of yesterday I took myself off of them so of coarse now I'm having more of a reaction until they get out of my system.  well anywho I finally got a spread done this morning and got through the crankies creating it.

I used Acrylics and my beloved Watercolor crayons on
a Canson Mixed Media Journal

Hey!! Thanks for Stopping By


  1. Fit for a Queen, I love the bold colors on this journal!

  2. I love this, can't wait to get my crayons, I've made so many things in my mind lol.

  3. This is really nice!! I particularly like the quote. Hope your meds get sorted out.


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