Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I love Ballerina's .. Heck I love Dance.. I used to be many moons ago a professional dancer.. Ohhh those wonderful years of being on the stage. The adrenalin rush was fantastic!! Nowadays' it's all I can do to bend over and pick something up... Old age has hit this old gal!! LOL

anywho I felt like working in Bee's Wax this morning. I got up about midnight and set to work on this piece. It has been awhile since I worked with Bee's wax. I forgot how much I like it.

I used Fiero again on the piece. It's a rust colored Texture Paste that has teeny tiny glitter in it. I so love it. I ordered a different color and can't wait till it comes in so I can play!

It will be available at the shop soon!!

Hey!! Thanks for Looking


  1. this piece is stunning! I love ballerinas too! I've never tried beeswax. Guess I'll have to put that on my got to try list one of these days.

  2. This is gorgeous. I need to try beeswax too....Donna

  3. Wonderful piece robyn! I love playing with beeswax too.

  4. Beautiful. I love how the beeswax makes the piece look 3D. The composition and color combo is wonderful.


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