Saturday, November 12, 2011

Altered Composition Book and an Art Journal Spread

Last night I was on a roll.. Not only did I finish one of my Whimsy Gals . I also finished an Art Journal Spread and altered a Composition Book. This book cost me a whopping quarter at Wally World (Walmart)..

I painted the Cover Black

and then with a Dry Brush brushed some white paint on

Let Dry and added the images.

I then added all that wonderful red Texture.. You should see it glimmer!

This Texture Paste called Fiorro has tiny pieces and I mean teeny tiny pieces of glitter in it.

It is made by Deco Art and yes it's in the shop

Doesn't this Gals Dress look Tie Dyed.. cool huh?

There must be at least 10 layers going on.

I just added and added layers to this Journal Spread..

Hey! Thanks for Looking!


  1. LOVE your pages...always feel inspired to try this, but never seem to break through! Good STuff!

  2. Your pages are fantastic and I love the amount of layers and depth you get by doing this... I always chicken out on adding too many layers but maybe I just need to go for it !!!

  3. Lovely pages. Specially like the cupcakes.
    Looks fantastic!

  4. Love the journal! So much movement and texture to it. :)


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