Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lazy day

Finally got me a Lazy Day today.. My MIL came over this morning and we sat and chit chatted for awhile with my SIL and DH (duh hubby).. Then I went in to practice my coloring.. Susan has me coloring circles.. I got bored doing that and started on one of my Digi's.. This one is called Goodnight Teddy and can be purchased at the Shop I Did It Creations  It is one of my Special Editions Digital Stamps.. 

Creating this card was one screw up  after another.. First I ran out of my regular adhesive, so I used my glue stick.. Then I put the Card on my work mat with glue on the mat and the whole back of the card yup you know, got full of glue! Then I stamped my sentiment cut it with my nestie and then tried to emboss, well three sentiments later I gave up.. I usually can do my nesties easy peasy but today they just didn't want to cooperate.. I ended up just using a piece of my paper and backing it like I did.. boooo on me!! So my little practice card almost got heaved out the window!! grrrrrrrr.. LOL  It's still quiet in the house DH (DUH HUBBY) is gone to a friends and the menagerie is sleeping.. Hmmmm what can I get into now!!  Beware of sticky mats!! Better go clean it off and start fresh.. LOL


  1. Hehehe! Don't you like coloring circles? It is paying off, though. This image is looking GOOD! KEEP PRACTICING!!!!! Or I will have to get out my whip! (EVIL laughter!)

  2. Hello Robyn, I love it, looks a bit like one of my cards though. The summer sun is a nightmare on the sticky stuff. Hugs, Teresa xxx


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