Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finally using my Wishblade!

Well I've gone from a Love/Hate relationship to a fairly good working relationship with my Wishblade.. Not Love yet but it's amicable!! LOL  I won't throw it out my window yet!! LOL

I'm learning how to do Layers with it and it is really a lot of fun!! You can do this with a Cricut too and there are a lot of classes out there using the Cricut.. I have a Cricut, just the cartridges are so expensive for me. I have a few cartridges now. I like the wishblade because I don't have to buy cartridges at all.. I need to learn how to make these cutting files. You can buy them on the net and we are going to be selling them in the shop really soon!!

Here is my paper doll I layered. It's a little rough I need more practice.. There are suppose to be buttons and a star on his hat but I got too tired last night.. boooo on me!! LOL

Don't ya just love the evil face I made. I can't draw faces at all!! ROFL  But I think I have a new addiction!!
woooo is me!! LOL


  1. How fun. I need one of these machines to put the kids to work.

  2. Hello Robyn, this is looking good. I love my Craft Robo, or the idea of it at least, but I have yet to feel truly comfortable with it. Can't wait to see what is offered in the shop. Hugs Teresa.


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