Monday, June 28, 2010

4th. of July card and a Birthday Card.. whew I'm tired!

I've been crafting all night long.. Here is my 4th. of July card for our Card's Group in the Forum.. The challenge was a 4th. of July card with all the bling.. But guess who forgot the glitter and glitz.. Well I didn't really forget, well I did and I didn't.. I made another card for my sister. Sent it right off.. forgot to take a picture and it's the one with the Glitz and Bling and Glitter and all that Jazz. This one I meant to glitter but forgot that too.. I swear I have halfheimerz it's not alz yet!!

This one is for a Birthday Club I'm in in a Yahoo group. You send a card and some little gift.. There are about 10 girls in it so when it's my turn wooo hooo I will be getting some goodies!! the image is a stamp I got at Michaels. It's was in the dollar bin!! Love that bin!! LOL

Okay Susan I've been practicing blending, the more I do the worse I get.. but I got sooo tired of doing circles. and more circles. She has her whip out again!! LOL


  1. Hmmmm. Great cards and cute images but I do see your problem here.
    Have you mailed me those homework circles yet? (Crack! There goes my whip)
    OK. You are trying so hard I'll be nice. Help is on the way! I can take it when you cry. Hehehe!

  2. "halfheimerz it's not alz yet!!" You are so funny Robyn. I love the things you come out with, right up my humour street. Mind you, I'm runny away from Susan and her Cracking whip! Scary, I'm shacking, I would be the one with the cupcake in the had for a bribe! Trouble is, I can't see what's wrong with it. LOL


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