Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sneak Preview of one of my New Releases

I just had to work with one of my new Digi Stamps I'm going to put in my shop very soon.. Here is a sneak preview of it. I just bought a whole bunch of Prisma Color Pencils and had no where to store them. I snagged an old cigar box my hubby had some chochgala in (Yiddish for Stuff - didn't spell it right LOL)

I kinda altered the box very plain because I wanted to. NO not really, lol I did it really late last night and got too lazy to do anything more but cover it with paper and color the Digi. ROFL  Maybe I will add some more embellys to it. I don't know! "anyways" as Ellen Degeneris says LOL here it is.

Front view and view of my tree. ROFL

Top View of Digi.

The Digi will be available at the Shop very soon.

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  1. This is nice, I love the movement in the dress. I wonder what else you are going to pull out of that box?


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