Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sewing on my New Sewing Machine

Well I bought this sewing machine and didn't know how to use it at all!! Yes, I remember when I was about 12 and my mom trying to show me how to sew on a machine.. I was too busy playing with my friends and getting into all sorts of trouble to pay attention in those days. So I'm sewing challenged!! LOL.. Thanks to a DVD disc that came with the sewing machine after many hours I learned how to thread the bobbin and put it in the bobbin thingamagigica! Then I learned how to thread the regular toppy thing. I played on some fabric and then went to paper. Oh boy that is when the hate/love relationship started with my machine. I practiced and practiced and jammed the machine up good at times. Asked Meredith many questions and finally after a month I have a card that's kinda sorta maybe worthwhile showing. ROFL!! It has some stitching on it!! wooo hoo! maybe next time I will even try the zig zag stitch. welllll, maybe not as I'm all over the place with that still!! LOL

Here is the card that I finally finished up with my sewing. LOL Not very straight but hey I did it that way on purpose. NOT!! LOL I know I should have sewed over the distress piece of paper but then there would have been another end to hide, I haven't figured out yet how to turn corners right!!!

The card is entered in a Challenge for the Blog Digital Tuesday. The theme this week was "All things girly"..

I used Prisma Color Pencils to color the image with odorless mineral spirits to blend.

Thanks all for looking at my poor sewing job. rofl maybe in about 5 years I will be able to sew a straight line!! lol

Big Hugs


  1. Beautiful card Robyn. The image is so sweet. Love your papers and embellishments. Thanks so much for joining us at the DTC.

  2. You did great with the sewing! I need to get a sewing machine myself. :) Beautiful card, love the colors.


  3. LOL....back in high school, (many years ago) we had a class called "Home Economics" which taught sewing for about a three month period. (Believe me, three months of sewing was a lot of sewing). Somehow, it stuck with me. I've never forgotten how to thread the machine, even though I haven't *really* sewn in years. Practice, practice, practice! Soon you'll be making your own wardrobe. ;) Love your card...so cute!

  4. I guess I need to pull my sewing machine out of storage. Love out the card came out, thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  5. I am SO jealous of your sewing. I have a machine and don't know what to do with it. Love your card too. Its perfect for this week's challenge.


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