Sunday, February 14, 2010

My First Layout I ever did

Lori is having a Blog Birthday Bash over at her blog "A Scrapmom's Musings" and she asks you to post a First you had. So my post is about my first Layout I ever did. I first became addicted to scrapbooking by going into a scrapbook store and drooling over the all the beautiful paper. I was totally addicted from the start. I went into the store with no supplies the next day and asked the sales gal how do I do this? and she put me to work. LOL

This is my very first Layout... My hubby has a gun collection and he likes to think he rough and tough! but he's just an old Teddy Bear. This is such an old picture. He had his long hair then, would you believe now he's bald and shaves his head. LOL He misses all that hair and always talks about how long it was when we first met. Well that's another first also... His long hair was way down his back the day we met in Florida when he first came to meet me.. I think I fell in love with all that hair.. Boy was I fooled now it's ten years later and he has none!! ROFL!!

Thanks for Looking at my first LO..



  1. Robyn, I love your layout! Your husband had gorgeous hair! Love your story and thanks for sharing it and coming to my blogaversary! This is a fantastic layout---looks alot better than my first layout ever did!

  2. That's a great first layout. My first layout looks...well....never mind! LOL. My hubby has a gun collection, too....I haven't scrapped that one yet, but maybe I will. He's just a big ol' bald teddy bear, too. :)


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