Monday, February 1, 2010

Been busy all weekend

I went to my crop on Friday and had a blast! We had a going away party for one of the gals who is moving out of town, so there were a lot more people than usual.. We were packed like sardines but noone really cared. By about 11pm we got silly and the laughter was heard down the block. LOL

Naturally I didn't get much done. I got a Layout done .. And a card but I cheated on the card it was already done just had to put it together. LOL

Here is what I did.. The smudge on the babys face is me, my hands got some glue on them and I couldn't get it off once I touched the picture. If anyone has any suggestions on how to remove this I would really appreciate it.

Here is the Card I made from a Robyns Fetish Image. Check out our shop if you would like one.

Thanks for looking.

Big Hugs

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