Friday, August 2, 2013

This Piece

I finished this piece the other day and just don't know what to do with it? LOL   I don't think I can sell it as it was a class by Naedeen Masters over at Art Apprentice Online.. My walls are lined with Painting of my gals and other paintings I have done.. Over my bed is going another Piece I have just finished? so what to do? LOL  

I had a ball painting this but it was so Out of the Box for me. I learned a lot about composition, color temperature and other stuffs. I am really learning a lot lately not only from my Mentor Cindi Estes but from Art Apprentice Online

It's Friday and I'm suppose to go over to Cindi's to learn how to use Genesis Paints. They are suppose to act like oil paints but not so stinky.. I had a terrible rash all week down below and under my breasts. It's from the heat and being so overweight. What to work on giving up ciggys or losing the weight. I don't think I can do both. but I do have to make some changes in my lifestyle. or lack there of. 

well I'm rambling.. here is the painting

I just love the colors  .. I ruined the top when I was painting the sides. Black got on it. Cindi said she would fix it for me next time she is over.
Head on over to Paint Party Friday where all the fun is going on.. I'm joining in this week on time for a change.

Have a fab weekend..

Robyninski the 845th


  1. Love the softness of the lines, and the movement in the leaves. Great work!

  2. love the composition and the cool colour palette.

  3. Well, you got a beautiful rambling painting, Saludos

  4. that is an absolutely marvelous rambling painting. Those plants are magical!

  5. Fantastic tropical leaves and plants. I like this long narrow canvas. Happy PPF xox

  6. This is wonderful, Robyn You sure are branching out. Fun, isn't it?

  7. Wonderful colors, dear Robin! I would love to this a Little bit bigger.
    Liebe Grüße ♥


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