Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Fae

The third in the series from Tamara's Summer Workshop was a Fae.. I love Fairies and I love creating them but the one I did at first I didn't like very much. It was something about her eyes that just didn't come out right.. So some days went by and I tried again. This time doing a three quarter portrait.. I liked this one a whole lot better..  

I am going on an art retreat next weekend and we are having a gift round robin.. I might give this one as my gift..  I am quite shy at times about my work and if it's not something that has been bought by someone I get to feeling funny about giving my work as gifts.. Isn't that totally stupid. LOL  That ugly monster inside rises up and says my work isn't good enough as a gift... good enough for someone to buy but not as a gift? Now where is the logic in that? duh and duh again!!

so anywho I'm rambling.. Here is my Fae

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week.. Head on over and see some beautiful work done by some fantastic artists.


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  1. She's beautiful. And there is some logic in what you're saying: when someone buys a piece of your art, you're sure they like it. But giving it, especially to someone you don't know, is something else altogether. Liking or not liking art is a very personal matter, even the most famous artists are not liked by everyone. So it says nothing about your art being good or not ....


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