Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Effy's Blog along

I'm 5 or 6 days late on Effy Wild's blog along.. That isn't like me at all.. I'm late with everything and behind on it all!! My Book of Days is totally behind and all my half done paintings are still half done paintings.. Yet I start on something get bored , start on something else get bored again and again and again. I'm not sure what's going on with me at all.. I'm not in a bad space, not in a great space but things are going smooth at home. well as smooth as they can go. LOL  So what is it? I haven't a clue.  Something is though. This is the second week of this restlessness.. It feels uncomfortable. I can't accomplish much.. My house looks like someone shook it, turned it upside down and back side up again!! and that's not even saying what's going on in my studio!  So I've decided to do what I tell other to do all the time. Make a list of things I have to do.. Do one thing at a time and check it off when done.. can I do this? I don't know I'm still so  meshugana... a little scattered...  a little crazy and a tad bit on the slow and sad side.... 

Is it my time of the month? Nope that don't happen no mo no mo... it does but the doctors say it can't so it's not but it is.... take that doctors!!

Speaking about doctors mine came to the house the other day and told me the spot on my lung is gone.. now how can that happen? I haven't a clue but that was wonderful news. Your probably thinking to yourself that I said "Mine came to the house the other day"  yeah my doctors come to me.. LOL  its only because when I had kicked John out of the house because he wanted to be an addict when he grew up I had to get the doctors to come to me as I couldn't get the wheelchair down the road , up the block and into the doctors by myself.. man do I hate depending on others for that chit. anywho now that John is back home the doctors still come to me.. 

boy am I rambling... okay we have to blog everyday for 30 days so I better shut up so I have something to say tomorrow..

want to see something I did finish? LOL   Here is an Art Journaling Page I did get done. well I think it's done.. I used the borders on one of the Dylusions stencils for the border.. cool huh?/ it's pretty plain jane for me isn't it... 

see ya tomorrow..

Robyninski the 927th.

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  1. that's a gorgeous page. And WONDERFUL news about the spot on your lung being gone. God does many miracles. And...it still gets to be that time of the month for me too and I've been told that at my age thats near impossible. And my house is a mess too...well actually the house is a lot better than usual but my arting area is a wreck.


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