Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Inner Gremlin

I'm in this Yahoo Group - Artists of the Round Table.. we are doing this workshop using the book

Raw Art Journaling by Quinn Mcdonald.. It's a really cool book if you are into Art Journaling. I bought mine at Amazon.. Well anywho Quinn is doing the workshop at the Yahoo Group and our first lesson was to do a spread on our Inner Gremlin.. I just bought a sketch book to find out if I can indeed draw. I have always said I can't draw a stick figure right. Was that my Inner Gremlin saying that before I had even tried??? I have never tried to draw! How can I say I can't when I don't even know!!

We had to Journal our Inner Gremlin talking to us and then positive reinforcement after hearing all the negative from the Gremlin..

Here is how I did mine.

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