Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun with Art Parts

I just got this Book "Make Art" by Wendy Vecchi.. I got book #2. They are all sold out but we have book #3 on sale at OWSE..

Anyways I was reading it this morning and then got inspired by one of her pieces. She gives full instructions how to make each piece in the book. Well I'm just starting to collect Wendy Vecchi stamps and didn't have any she used in the book so I improvised. I used stamps I had and when it called for some kind of part like the heart for instance I drew it. I didn't know I could draw. ROFL!!

I drew the Hearts, House, Flowers, stems and door.. whew what fun I had!! For about two hours I was totally immersed in doing this piece. I used Grunge Paper for the parts. Love that Grunge Paper!!

Wendy suggests keeping all your little grunge board pieces to back your part with. Instead of that sticky foam stuff like foam dots. I took her suggestion and this works out so good.

I found that my perception is off. Everything I drew was big.. My piece is 5x5 but I kept drawing like it was a huge canvas. Eventually I got everything sort of to scale. Not like hers but what the hay!! LOL

This is the last day for the Big Sale over at OWSE

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Wooohooo! what a Gonga!!

the sale ends at midnight tonight!!

Go Shopping and get some Retail Therapy!!

I did!

Hey you all! Thanks for looking...

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