Monday, August 8, 2011

Bees Wax is fun!

I love working with Bees Wax and don't do it enough.. Yesterday I was reading my new book "Art at the Speed of Life" .. It's a really good book written by Pam Carriker. Actually a lot of Artists Contributed. Yes we have it at OWSE..

Well I got inspired finally after whining to the gals all day in the OWSE Yahoo group how I hate summer.. This is the Piece I came up with.

I'm so used to over doing my pieces with stuff. I wanted to put some pearls and flowers all over this piece but made myself stop. Trying to do the "Less is More' Theory LOL

Tell me what you all think..

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  1. This is perfect just like it is. Less is more for sure with this piece. It is just lovely like it is.


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