Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Goddess Maive

I'm in Effy Wild's Workshop - Moonshine .. It's all about the feminine devine. This week we studied Maive the Irish goddess ..She is the goddess of "Intoxication" .. She liked to screw around a lot!! Took many husbands.. Drank Mead a lot.. and in the end was killed.. She was a warrior.. Google her for a lot more information. I just did the short abridged version. LOL

Here is what Effy wrote about Moonshine so it's better explained

Moonshine is a seasonally driven spiritual painting program that will enfold you in the stories, power, and beauty of the feminine divine. Moonshine runs in quarterly sessions with a Summer (May, June, July), Autumn (August, September, October), Winter (November, December, January), and Spring (February, March, April) session, each lasting three months (or approximately 12 weeks). 

I'm in the Summer Session so far..

painted a picture of Maive.. That's a crow in the background.. ROFL!! I sure had a hard time with that beak! LOL

I'm having a hard time when I mask something to keep my original proportions.. Like her leg is a little off. This won't be for sale that's for sure! I did have a lot of fun painting it.. It's mixed media as the background and most of the gal is watercolor, and the tree and some other elements are acrylics. 

I'm joining Paint Party Friday.. Head on over to see some fabulous artwork..

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  1. Love the depth you portray here. She's lovely.

  2. Very magical and mystical painting ~ Happy PPF ^_^

  3. What a great inspiration for a narrative art! I love the idea of painting Goddesses. Your painting of Maive is wonderful!

  4. smashing magical painting.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. The Goddess of Intoxication!! Who knew there was such a position? She looks like she could drink everyone under the table. Love her spirit! Well done!

  6. oooo love your Maeve, she's fabulous! HPPF!

  7. Lovely painting, it' gives me a touch of creepiness.. strong wonderful colors, beautiful eyes! :)

  8. I think the whole thing comes together well.. forget about proportions, they all sort themselves out and this is a great result...xx

  9. I think she's a riot!! Lots of fun and a determined goddess for sure!! Well done...and I see the leg as fitting perfectly gives the piece movement! As though she is pushing herself up!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. The bottom of the image as cropped, it gives a touch of sleep a whole and the depth is very good. Saludos

  11. I love the power of this painting. You did a great job. You will get better with the leg. But I do like this very much.


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