Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Marrying Whimsy and Abstract

Wow I didn't realize it's been a week since I did a blog post.. Where did the time go? I'm still battling the fact that I had all my teeth removed and am waiting till my gums heal to get dentures.. It's been almost three months now.. When I went over to the dentist last week they were concerned that I'm not healing fast enough. sure naturally I wouldn't.. LOL  I have to stay looking like an old hag for a while more!! woooh is me.. LOL

on another Note - A C Flat! nah j/k... I did a piece where I took a whimsy gal and put her in an Abstract painting... I like it..   I like the Grunge in the background and the colors of the gal.

The Contrast I think looks cool..  I have to varnish it yet..
I've been having this feeling like I want to work really large but don't know what I want to do.. duh and duh again!! LOL

I'm joining Paint Party Friday a little late.. better late then never huh? LOL

Have a fab week.



  1. ooh you sound just like me - so indecisive....lol Loving your latest painting Robyn and hope those gums heal up soon. Hugs Annette x

  2. Paint large? Just do it! ;) I hope you get your new teeth soon, I'm sure you'll be feel like a new you.xx

  3. Love this painting Robyn, hope your gums heal soon. Marlene


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