Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mixed Media with the Girls

I'm taking another workshop by Wyanne called Mixed Media with the Girls.. I am so totally loving this workshop!! It is soooo much fun!! I'm learning a ton of Techniques like using Saran Wrap and Kosher Salt in my backgrounds.. I'm using a lot of washes and I hadn't before in my earlier pieces. Learning how to control the paint either Watercolor or Acrylics.  If you want to take a really fun workshop on Girlies this is the one to to take. She makes it soooo easy to learn if you are very new to drawing and painting Gals. I won't give away her secret but it sure is cool what she does to teach you how to create one! LOL

Another thing about Wyanne's workshops is that they are not sooo expensive that you have to give away your first born to take them!! LOL  And they are jam packed with information..

Here is the first piece I worked on in this workshop

Wyannes Watercolor workshop came in handy since she taught in that workshop how to mask..

I masked this Gal and did the background. This is how I want to do it from now on.

Usually I would Do my Gal on another piece of paper and then Glue it onto my finished Background

I would then incorporate her into the piece. I always felt something was missing when I did it this way.

By masking you can work your background and work the gal on the same piece. I love love it!!

Using Masking Fluid takes a little bit to get used to but it's well worth the practice for sure!!

This piece isn't finished as I am going to try this technique
doing a Faux Beeswax finish..

I have to get some soft gel medium glossy..

I have all the other ingredients it takes. 

I'm telling you Wyanne really packs her workshops with fabulous information!!

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week..

Head on over there to see some fabulous work..

Things at home are about the same... We have decided to go into Counceling and boy do we need it!!

John is still clean and he will be going to outpatient treatment starting next week.

Please pray that he stays Straight and that we work things out with our marriage..

In my heart of hearts I really don't want our marriage to end.

Hey you all!! Thanks for stopping by..



  1. Very cute! I love the background. Her swirly hair is lovely. Well done.

  2. Looks great, wonderful - well, everything! :)

  3. I will be interested to see how your work progresses if this is the first one from the workshop... you are going to be making amazing work by the end as this one is already awesome...xx

  4. Great work....wonderful. Can't wait to see more!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Loving your fab canvas. Happy PPF Annette G

  6. such a delightful painting!! Thanks for sharing some of the technique and your enthusiasm about the class.I'll check it out. I wish you all the best with your counseling.

  7. Love this, I hadn't heard of this workshop and your painting is fantastic. HPPF!


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