Sunday, May 27, 2012

2 Pieces Finished

I've been working in my Studio this weekend and I finished these two pieces. I guess I'm still in 29 Faces so these are for that..

I've been practicing shading on faces but my lousy camera didn't pick up any shading. boy I hate my camera. anyone have any tips on how to get good pictures?

I did this on on hot press poster board and the other on Canvas on both I used Acrylics and Watercolor Crayons.

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  1. I love your cotton candy gals. they're adorable!

  2. Thanks for sharing your faces! As for a camera tip, maybe see if you can turn off the flash? I know mine look better without it, but you have to have good light so they are not dark. Hope that works!
    Oh, and Thanks for participating in the challenge!


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