Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Back Finally

Wow what a journey this chapter of my life has been. We moved into this house and the gal who owns it went Loco.... She wanted it back and made our lives miserable until we left it. She changed the electric back into her name and shut it off, she had a friend of her which was a sheriff come and threaten us. We had no money to move , she had all our money about $1700.00 plus the money we put in to paint and pay a painter. Well have no fear the gals from my Yahoo Group came to the rescue and donated money for us to move!! There are no words that I can think of for the gratitude I feel for all those gals. I love each and every one of them for helping us this way. We would have been in the streets and under a bridge and lost our fur babies. I was soooo scared. Out of my wits. This house we moved into has some problems, like no hot water,but it's a roof over our head and I am so grateful to those woman..

anywho I lost my Mojo for awhile being so depressed over what happened to my hubby and me. My doctor has put me on meds that seem to be helping me sleep and snap out of the depression. Thanks Doc!! anywho again I created this Tag with Graphic 45 paper "Curtain Call" for another Yahoo Group I'm in.. It is a swap so someone will get this tag..
Maybe me Mojo has returned??? Ya think!

anywho again and again we had the Shop closed for awhile and hope to reopen this coming Monday.. Be watching..

Hey!!!! Thanks for Looking!

Robyninski the 432nd

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